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Use FreeBee Data to build targeted marketing campaigns around your mobile assets.

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Video Clips

FreeBee Data for Mobile Video Streaming.

In 30 seconds, a great product video can convert a mobile user into a customer. Many people are selective about when and how they use their mobile devices. With FreeBee Data for mobile video, you can encourage greater mobile engagement by offering sponsored video streaming.

FreeBee Data for mobile video lets your customers enjoy video clips without incurring data usage charges. Because you sponsor the data, your mobile viewers are able to enjoy:

  • Your product videos and ads with no data charges
  • Brief video highlights with no data charges
  • Movie trailers with no data charges​

Learn more about how you can sponsor mobile video streaming and get more return on your mobile marketing investment with FreeBee Data.

Audio Streaming

FreeBee Data for Mobile Audio Streaming.

Between music streaming, podcasts and audiobooks, people spend a lot of time listening on their smartphones and tablets. FreeBee Data for mobile audio is a sponsored data service that frees your mobile audio content from data usage charges. When you sponsor data, your mobile listeners are able to enjoy:

  • Podcasts with no data charges
  • Music streaming with no data charges
  • Audiobooks with no data charges​

Learn how you can treat your customers to 30 minutes of sponsored streaming enjoyment with FreeBee Data for mobile audio. Now that's a sound mobile marketing investment!

App Downloads

FreeBee Data for App Downloads.

Making your mobile app stand out from the crowd can be a challenge—especially in a world where millions of apps are vying for the same limited space. With FreeBee Data for app downloads, you can increase your chances of earning a place on consumers’ mobile devices through sponsored app downloads.

Here’s how it works: When Verizon subscribers see your app in the store, they also see the bee telling them they can download the app with no data charges.

Learn more about how FreeBee Data for app downloads can help boost your mobile app audience.

Mobile Websites and Apps

FreeBee Data 360.

With FreeBee Data 360, you can sponsor some or all of the mobile content on your website or app so consumers will be able to access your content without impacting their data plans. This service is billed on a per gigabyte pricing model.

Discover the power of FreeBee Data 360, now available to all Verizon post-paid subscribers. Get in touch with a Verizon representative to learn more.

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