Generate more buzz with your mobile content.
FreeBee Data is a sponsored data marketing service from Verizon that allows consumers to enjoy your content on their mobile devices free of data charges. FreeBee Data is designed to help businesses and brands maximize their mobile audience by sponsoring content available to Verizon post-paid subscribers nationwide.
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Like the best marketing, it just clicks.

FreeBee Data helps you increase the consumption of your mobile content through easy-to-create and execute campaigns. With FreeBee Data, Verizon subscribers are able to enjoy your mobile content on America’s largest 4G LTE network — potentially increasing your engagement with millions of mobile subscribers.

FreeBee Benefits

Sponsor mobile content to drive acquisition and retention.

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Video Streaming
Let your customers enjoy mobile video streaming like product videos, ads, brief highlights, and movie trailers, without data charges.
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Audio Streaming
Offer data-free mobile audio content like music streaming, podcasts, and audiobooks to make a sound marketing investment in maximizing your audience.
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Mobile Applications
Make your application stand out from the crowd by sponsoring apps such as gaming, social, or entertainment.

Run cross-carrier campaigns with support from our partners.

Get your content in the hands of more consumers by sponsoring content on our partner networks.


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A worldwide leader in sponsored content services, Syntonic is transforming how consumers and businesses access apps and content across the mobile Internet. Syntonic’s Freeway sponsored data services provide new business models for content publishers to acquire, engage, and monetize consumers. Freeway enables someone other than the consumer – a sponsor – to pay for mobile data, deepening the consumer’s relationship with apps and content. Learn more about Syntonic by visiting its website. BroadView Communications’ Venue Zone platform provides a new form of sponsorship that brands, and event and property managers can leverage for brand targeted advertisements and enhanced in-venue experiences. The company’s location-aware, multi-impression mobile access and sponsorship platform uses sponsored data to deliver differentiated value to subscribers for their engagement. Learn more about BroadView by visiting its website.