What Is FreeBee Data?
FreeBee Data enables businesses to acquire, engage, and retain customers by providing their content free of data charges.
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Sponsor content consumers crave

FreeBee Data holds their attention

With FreeBee Data, consumers can enjoy video, audio, and applications free of charge on America’s largest and most reliable LTE network.



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Use FreeBee Data where people use data the most.

Video Streaming
Let your customers enjoy mobile video streaming like product videos, ads, brief highlights, and movie trailers, without data charges.
Audio Streaming
Offer data-free mobile audio content like music streaming, podcasts, and audiobooks to make a sound marketing investment in maximizing your audience.
Mobile Applications
Make your application stand out from the crowd by sponsoring apps such as gaming, social, or entertainment.

Build deeper relationships with your customers.

Reward them with unrestricted bonus data.